Our Organization

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Meet the team!
How was funklust established?

The origins of funklust go back to the year 1998, when the university’s very own radio station „Unimax“ was founded. Then, in 2003, „bit eXpress“ was launched, which was a research project at the Fraunhofer Institute in Tennenlohe. Its aim was to develop a digital radio station. In 2015 the two independent groups ultimately merged with the ITM TV station „uni t fau,“ and together, they became the student media initiative funklust.

Since 2016, we are not only a university group, but also a registered association. After three years in Erlangen’s E-Werk, our broadcasting and production rooms have now moved to the „Blue House“ near the Europakanal and are equipped with everything a media professional’s heart desires.

How do we work together as a team?

We are a colorful bunch of committed, creative, (mostly) disciplined, innovative, productive and absolutely loving people who also have a very stylish sense of humor. Each team member brings something new to the table, which is why there is a place for everyone here. At funklust, friendships are so tight that you could almost think they’re from a 90s sitcom. We are always happy to welcome new faces to our funklust family – from all faculties and fields of study.

What are the goals in our day-to-day work?

Our long-term goal in our day-to-day production work is to introduce newcomers and interested parties to the modern media landscape and to make it easier for them to enter this dynamic industry. Nobody is left alone with us. The social component is always a priority for us, which is why we organize regular team-building events and workshops.

What are we proud of as an organization?

We are proud of our work at funklust, which is accompanied by great achievements in our regular broadcasting activities. We have professional equipment and the accompanying tech support at our disposal. That way, every member can really realize their projects and ideas.

None of this would be possible without our team spirit, because although there is never a lack of chaos in this wildly mixed group, we can always count on each other in the end. And this mutual support is vital for us, because nothing stands still here. We report on the latest news, entertain our audience with enthusiastic energy and inform conscientiously according to journalistic guidelines. And here, too, there are hardly any limits, because thanks to the connection of radio, video and web, we work trimedially.

We are a team that has so much to offer and yet always surpasses itself.

Would you like to get a glimpse of the organization? Then send us a message, either via e-mail at mail@funklust.de or via Instagram.